Q - What's this 'Ceilidh with a kick!' all about?

A - Attending a ceilidh shouldn't be a passive affair; we want to see your guests filling the floor, and having a great time.  The Scotch Bonnet chilli - from which we get our name - is one of the hottest chillies in the world; you'd know all about it if you'd had one.  Likewise, an encounter with the Scotch Bonnet Ceilidh Band should leave you breathless, and a little red in the face, for all the right reasons!  

Q - How many bands are there claiming to be The Best Ceilidh Band in Scotland/the UK/the World?  Or: The Most Popular, The No.1, 'The Ultimate?

A - Too many, if you ask me.  Can anyone back up these audacious claims?  Of course not!  I’m not going to get involved in that debate, nor will I attempt to make such a claim about Scotch Bonnet, but I will say this; we do what we do very well. 

Q - So what do we do? 

A - We are a ceilidh band, available for weddings, birthdays, graduations, events of any kind.

You can book us as a  as a three-piece (guitar, fiddle and drums) or as a four or five-piece adding a bass player and another fiddle player. For small venues we are also available as a two piece (guitar and fiddle).

We always have an experienced caller, so whether your guests just need a little reminder of the steps, or if they’ve never been to a ceilidh before, everyone can get involved in the fun. Fun is the key word; we play in Scotch Bonnet because we enjoy it, and we want you and your guests to enjoy it too.  On top of a great repertoire of traditional tunes from Scotland, Ireland and beyond, Scotch Bonnet offer their own 'Sir Jacksian Cirlce' dance, which answers the question 'What do you get if you cross a Circassian Cirlce with Michael Jackson?!'

If you don’t fancy ceilidh all night, we can also provide a disco, with something for everyone to enjoy.

Our job is to keep your guests dancing – and above all, having fun – so we’re not going to stop a Dashing White Sergeant because someone’s pas-de-basque was a bit iffy!  (Sssh – don’t tell the Ceilidh Police, or we’ll have our licence revoked!)

Q - Why do you cost more/less than this other band I'm considering?

A - We aim to be competitively-priced, and ensure that you are getting value for money.  The musicians in Scotch Bonnet have played together for years in various bands. Rest assured, you won't see the band introducing themselves to one another as they arrive!  If you feel we're undercharging (!), do let us know... 

Q - How do I pay?  Is it cash on the night?

All payments will be made in advance by bank transfer. The full balance must be paid by four weeks before the date of the event.

Q - How do I confirm a booking?

A - When you make an enquiry, we'll tell you if we are available on your date.  If we are, we'll hold it for seven days for you.  A booking is only considered 'confirmed' once the deposit (25%) has been received. 

Q - How long does it take you to set up?

A - It takes us an hour to set up and sound-check, from the time we can access the performance area.  Most of our bookings are for 8pm starts, in which case, we arrive at 7pm to set up.  Please note that if things are running late, we do still require an hour to set up and sound-check.

Q - Do you do charity gigs?

A - Yes, we love playing for charity events.  However, please note that we don't play for free; while we enjoy playing music, it is a job, not a hobby.  In line with the Musicians' Union's 'Work Not Play' campaign (details here), we ensure that the musicians are paid the usual fee, and they can decide whether they want to donate some or all of their fee.